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It's me again. It sort of sucks that I'm the only active member, but hey. Maybe with a little more plugging more members will be up and posting and doing their stuff. I sort of lied last time, saying I'd be on the next day, but I was really busy. But I'm back this time with some interesting words. :) So clickity-click, they're under a cut.

These are some really strange words, so instead of just listing the word and making you look it up in the dictionary (a good online dictionary, just in case you're having trouble finding one, is, I'll put the word and definition. Have fun.

agrestic: rude, uncultured, coarse
aleatory: accidental, chance, occurring randomly
casuistry: solving of moral dilemmas by the application of general principles of ethics
condign: well deserved or well merited (usually of punishment)
deipnosophist: one who excels at conversations at the dinner table
eleemosynary: relating to charity
erinaceous: relating to, or resembling, hedgehogs
fescinnine: extremely rude, outrageously coarse
inanition: mental or spiritual hollowness
logorrhoea: excessive talking
oleaginous: oily personality
sesquipedalian: using long words
tmesis: separation of the parts of a word by another word, e.g. abso-bloody-lutely

That's it for now. I think I might be starting a "project" to put in here soon...I would be going through the book The Cat Who Went Into the Closet by Lilian Jackson Braun chapter by chapter and putting some of the really good words in here. Those are some awesome books to learn some new vocabulary from, there's a whole series. Twenty-four books so far, I think, and three short-story/mini-book collections.

Signing out,
seatbelter aka Hilary
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